Business Consultancy - Coaching - Systemic & Family Constellation

Orientation in changeable time

Coaching is a very useful and powerful method in processes of growing and changing.

My approach is holistic and systemic, which notice you bound in your personal and professional environment.

The main condition for that work is voluntariness and trust.  Therefore a non-binding conversation will take place at the beginning.

The goal of a coaching process is to encourage you “as a client” in your development and progress, which content your will navigate yourself in your own time.

One key-point of work is the reflection of your situation as it is and the recognition and innovative use of own resources and competences for a change wanted.

If good connected with your resources you will be more motivated.  You will be also able to manage and enjoy 
your daily life  powerful and with more lightness.

Coaching is a company of time in a protected and timely fixed-term frame..

Confidentiality  and  discreetness are taken for granted.


  • Changing  processes -  personal and professional
  • Coaching  for executives  for instance  for new tasks  or  in reorganization
  • Questions around profession and work  -  (selfemployment,  stay in job  or leave , conflicts between or in teams, mobbing)
  • Burnout- prophylaxis
  • Lack of efficiency and success 
  • Rediscovering of own resources and powerful use of them
  • Inefficiency and learning disability (Children)
  • To handle life crises  (illness, death, dolefulness, losses)
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