Business Consultancy - Coaching - Systemic & Family Constellation

Solutions for Organizations and their people

Sometimes it is not possible to explain or even solve problems in process organization, fluctuation or luck of success with conventional methods.

Companies and organizations with their shareholder, manager, employees, customers and suppliers are complex systems with multilayer dynamics and relationships.

Mush in those relationships and in rank influences sooner or later the success of the company and waste time, human resources and money.

A business constellation can improve situation and help to find solutions for instance for:

  • Redeployment and personal changes in management and staff
  • fusion/ outsourcing
  • luck of success or luck of efficiency
  • fluctuation and mobbing
  • conflicts in teams
  • of company have already had different consultants or coaches without any improvement

If we get enabled to see company or organization with the systemic and holistic view we can distinguish essential from superficial things.

The people concerned can see what would be helpful to change to solve the problems.

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